In 2015, Gerd Hatje, one of the major German publishers of the 20th century, would have celebrated his 100th birthday. Founded by him, Hatje Cantz Verlag also celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015. On the occasion of these two anniversaries we are launching EDITION GERD HATJE.
The art historian Werner Spies called Gerd Hatje a “gentleman publisher” and a “text and image wizard.” To this day, Gerd Hatje’s name stands internationally for timeless books and editions that combine the highest artistic standards with outstanding quality in text and graphics, production, and processing. Each book is an artwork developed with loving care, an individual product of intense discussions with artists, scholars, book designers, editors, translators, producers, and many more.

Out of undiminished drive to continue to create, even in the digital age, tactile and analog products of the highest quality and durability, together with our artists, we have for years been developing editions and artists’ books as Collector’s Editions. From now on this experiment’s great success will continue under the label EDITION GERD HATJE as the logical continuation of a passionate interest in making modern art, architecture, and photography tangible through the medium of the book. The selected works are created in close collaboration with our artists, selected a special closeness between artists, publisher, the art world, and our readership. The new EDITION GERD HATJE publications are all strictly limited and respectively individualized through the personal media of each artist, allowing for new approaches again and again. Thus each work released in the EDITION GERD HATJE will vary in design and material, content and presentation. I join you in looking forward to these exceptional and unique works!

Holger Liebs



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